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I'm completely off the rails, my closest friend hates me and 20 grown men sing about my cock on a regular basis.

Coursework time = less time to post my usual random pieces of shite/Football gifs/Always Sunny stuff, bear with me bbz

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Guess this is relevant again

Guess this is relevant again

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Warning: People like these may actually exist

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Right, everyone lock yourselves indoors, Aaron Ramsey just scored and I for one don’t want to fucking die any time soon.

Dave Whelan, please heed my warning

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Wigan gonna wiggle, just let us have our 4th place trophy :(
Cheers Mike Dean, top performance as usual.

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Now her fairy godmother says Pooperella we’re gonna fix ya,
Put on that fancy dress and put some magic in the mixture,
Go to the ball and find your prince and don’t worry about the mess,
But if you don’t get out by 12 o’clock you’re gonna shit that fancy dress.

And we’ll be singing whoopsie!, Pooperella had another little accident

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Relevant… fuck coursework

Relevant… fuck coursework

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It’s officially cup final day, hope you have your bingo cards ready.

It’s officially cup final day, hope you have your bingo cards ready.

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